Ultimate is a sport played with a flying disc that is thrown with the help of a stick. The game is fast-paced and easy to learn. The equipment required is a frisbee and 8 marker cones. The sport is similar to touch football, gridiron, and netball, but it is different in several ways. The rules of ultimate are self-refereed, meaning that players determine the rules. There are no referees, so the players themselves set the rules and play the game. It has been played in over 80 countries and has grown as a high-level sport. The game is widely played in universities and has become one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

The sport originated in 1968, when Joel Silver introduced it to Columbia High School. The first game featured a child’s Frisbee. The following year, he published the rules of the game and started promoting it. The next year, eight teams traveled to Yale to compete in the first National Collegiate Championship in ultimate. Rutgers took the crown, winning the first national competition. This team went on to win the tournament and become the first dominant force in the sport.

Ultimate is a sport that involves throwing a disc in a circle that is surrounded by cones. Each player receives one throw for each pass. If the player throws a perfect pass, the disc is returned to him or her. If the throws are not accurate, the other team scores a point. In the end of a game, the winning team must pull back the disc and start again. The ultimate community has developed many unique ways to introduce this sport to events, and has found that this is the best way to introduce it to people new to the sport.

For the most part, ultimate is a contact-free sport, but there are some exceptions. A non-incidental collision during a game is considered a foul, despite the fact that the player was only attempting to make contact with the ball. However, minor collisions while playing can be acceptable, depending on the situation. Because of the differences between the rules of the game, the attitude toward fouls varies from league to league.

The field of ultimate is similar to that of American football and rugby. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc into the end zone. The carrier of the disc has to remain stationary, but the possession of the disc is switched to the opposing team. If a disc is passed into the end zone, the opposing team scores a point. This game requires a grass or beach field. A beach field is slightly smaller than the grass field.

The spirit of the game is important in ultimate. Without a referee, the players are responsible for maintaining fair play. For example, if a player is thrown the disc back to the opposing team, the player who made the last pass will be the one to receive the disc. As a result, players must be fair and respectful when making decisions. A good match will not require a lot of rules, so it is important to make sure the opponents are on the same page.