Corporate interests and needs are not limited only to the area of information security. File sharing may be necessary for organizations to also enable employees to collaborate on dataroom providers and to understand this, take a look at virtual data room comparison.

What Should You Pay Attention to While Data Room Comparison?

1. A complete audit of data transfer events.

To ensure the analysis of file transfer incidents, you need to know: who, when, to whom, what transferred, what security checks the file went through, who uploaded the files to the system, who downloaded them from the system. In addition, all operations performed by administrators to configure the system, I/O events should be recorded. Traditionally, each event should record time, subjects, objects, and actions.

2. Anti-virus scan.

All files received and sent must be checked for malware. It should be borne in mind that modern malware has a lot of opportunities to bypass traditional antiviruses, for example, polymorphism, or are generally 0-day. To detect such viruses, dynamic file analysis solutions are used. sandboxes.

3. Using secure data transfer protocols.

Corporate information needs to be protected. The use of secure transmission protocols by default is the minimum required level of information protection during transmission. It also protects the transmitted authentication data (username/password).

4. Encryption of files containing confidential information in transit.

If the channel needs to be encrypted anyway, the files themselves must be encrypted to protect sensitive confidential data. Moreover, if symmetric cryptography is used, then the key must be generated by a system with policies of minimum length and complexity. You also need to take care of the security of storage and delivery of key information.

The Effectiveness of Virtual Board Meetings for Your Business

To make the best , we would like to introduce to your attention the description of data room providers:

  • In ShareFile VDR, there is no centralized administration, that is, all nodes of the system are equal in rights and actions among themselves. Files that are used by computers are not stored in one place, so if one of the nodes fails, the network will not be disrupted.
  • ContractZen is responsible for processing a large amount of information due to the distribution of the load between their resources. Even during periods of the highest activity, all PCs can maintain their efficiency, as they interact directly with each other.
  • Firmex Virtual Data Room has a reliable operation since the network works even if one or more elements are out of order.
  • With FORDATA VDR you can expand the network – anyone can join the peer-to-peer network and become a member of it. The more work nodes, the more system power. The company does not collect information that is required by law to be subject to certain requirements or prohibitions, such as information about racial or ethnic origin, political, religious, or ideological beliefs, membership in political parties, or trade unions.
  • iDeals Virtual Data Room has an easy setup – maintaining the network is easy, as each PC is self-managing. Gaining synergies in mergers and acquisitions usually involves full and close integration of the goal. Technological mergers and acquisitions are regulated by an individual and often very rational structure that facilitates the rapid execution of technological transactions and their integration. Experience has shown that it is possible not to integrate acquisitions at all.